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Fred Jo's World

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My name is Fred Joseph. I love sports. Basketball, football, swimming, boxing, golf, roller skating. Im real good at it also.

**I'm a SENIOR, @ St. PeTeR's CoLlEgE...**

**I am a VerY energetic individual. I LoVe being with my Family, and I'm also an honest person, ALSO pessimistic. I'm a Taurus. (Hmmmm). I am also a dancer. I'm Into traveling, therefore I'm constantly out the country. I Love school, and im proceeding my masters next year.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: I love Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Old school, Funk, Reggae, slow jamz, I love music. Music Music Music
Favorite TV show: I do not watch tv as much. But I love watching ESPN, and the Wire.
Favorite movie: AmErIcAn HiStOrY X, RuNnIn ScArEd, Friday After Next, Coming to America, Paid In Full, Bad Boy I, II, Home Alone 1-2, NaPoLiAn DyNaMiTe....and more....
Favorite book: BlAcK BoY iS oNe Of My FaVoRiTeS, LoRd Of Da RiNg, ummm To KilL a MocKiNg BiRd, and....THE BIBLE. I also like reading the news paper.
Favorite sports team: Chicago Bulls, Seahawks, Denver Nuggets, Green Bay Packers, Brazil, and Manchester United
Favorite food: Lasagna, and Chicken

My Hobbies

Basketball, Baseball, Dancing, Football, and Soccer.

Most Admired

My Mom, and Dad

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Fred Jo
Golden Child

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